The Holidays Have Arrived at The Iron Gate!

Written by laura on 11/08/2013

  Come in and see our winter wonderland!  Silver and white, glitter and bows; it’s sure to put you in the spirit!


We are in love with these adorable white owls, they look so cozy nestled within a Christmas tree!

white owl collage You’re bound to find the perfect ornament for your tree this year, or that special addition to your center piece!

christmas collage

And don’t forget the glitz! This pine tinsel makes a beautiful finishing touch! Come in and check it out, we can’t wait to see you!

pine tinsel

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Written by laura on 10/24/2013

As the weather gets cooler, I like to make my home cozier. Candles are a simple and beautiful way to bring in a little warmth.

white tapers

 Mercury glass is one of my favorite ways to brighten a room. Group them together in different shapes and sizes, and add a tea light for crystalline elegance!

mercury glass votives

 And, you can never go wrong by just keeping things simple. These Vance Kitira candles come in all different sizes; when put together, they create a simple, elegant arrangement.

Vance Kitira

A few of our favorite scented candles

Of course, the visual beauty of candles is only half the charm. Scent can play a big role in the feeling of a room, and the mood of the people in it. It can bring back fond memories, or calm you after a stressful day. For me, a great scent can make all the difference in the atmosphere of a room. We wanted to share our personal favorites:


Annette chose Marseilles Fig by Lafco. Sweet, yet warm and subtle, a great scent for any time of year. Robbie also chose a Lafco scent, Feu de Bois. Great for a cold night, this woody, smokey scent makes you feel like cuddling by the fire.

Rick's favorites
Rick couldn’t choose just one! Here is a sampling of his favorites: Bergamot Tabacco and Burl Wood by Archipelago, Grand Hotel de Paris Linen Water by Zodax, and Spike Lavender by Lafco.

Rosemary EucalyptusMy favorite changes almost daily, but I am currently in love with Rosemary Eucalyptus by Lafco. It smells fresh, herbal, and sweetly invigorating. It is a smell that is joyful and happy, and full of memories.

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Written by laura on 10/05/2013

So much more than art for your walls, each one of our intaglios tells a story. While going through our new arrivals, I rediscovered my love of ancient mythology. Mighty heroes, tragic muses, and powerful gods, what’s not to love?


 From the tragedy of a lovelorn Aglaulus, turned to stone by the object of her affection, to the musical Apollo and his lyre. Each one, a wonderful conversation piece, and unique piece of art for your wall. It’s hard to choose a favorite!

Said to be one of the most beautiful of all mortal women, Psyche was tormented by a jealous Aphrodite. She was put through several trials, and eventually won the affection of Eros, the god of love. He made her his wife, and she became known as the goddess of the soul.


Artemis, goddess of the hunt, wild things, fertility, and the moon. Artemis was considered friend to expectant mothers, and said to protect women during childbirth.

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